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攝影師:Ursula Kaufmann

  • Date:
    10/6 (Sat) 15:00,20:00
    10/7 (Sun) 15:00
  • Ticket Price:
  • Venue:
    舞蹈廳 Dance Theater



繼舞作《紅燈》(Rotlicht)之後,編舞家韓莉塔‧霍恩Henrietta Horn再次展現她探索跨界藝術形式的功力。

在《國王的衣裳》中,她與音效媒體藝術家法蘭克‧舒爾特Frank Schulte、影像燈光設計師雷恩哈德‧胡伯特Reinhard Hubert,以及他們的各自的媒體擦撞出新的火花,以安徒生童話「國王的新衣」(Des Kaisers neue Kleider)為藍本,共同創作出新的作品。




As already shown in her choreography “Rotlicht“, Henrietta Horn again investigates issues on cross-genre forms of art.

In “Kaiserkleider“ Henrietta Horn encounters sound and media artist Frank Schulte as well as video and lighting designer Reinhard Hubert and their respective media. Their joint work is based on a fairytale by Hans Christian Andersen: The Emperor’s New Clothes (Des Kaisers neue Kleider). “Kaiserkleider“ is not so much about the actual fairytale, instead it focuses on aspects of truth and lie, sly deception and someone who is about to be famously framed. The moral to the story is basically a given, which puts the narrative’s background and its text into focus. By randomly repeating and emphasizing single passages and words, the text is repeatedly put in a different context - the spoken word thus functions as a basis for musical interpretation, where the text itself functions as a basis for movement.

“Kaiserkleider“ is about expectation and perception - it is demanding, challenging and disrupting for both audience and performer. Genres will be changed, tasks redistributed. Is this “transactive“ art or dilettantism? Within the concentrated atmosphere of a theater space something develops and dissolves at the same time, since it questions and undermines itself.


Concept, choreography, performance: Henrietta Horn
Sound: Frank Schulte
Lighting and Video: Reinhard Hubert
Management: Sabina Stücker


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