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Japan|Ruri Mito


  • Date:
    10/6 (Sat) 15:00,20:00 10/7 (Sun) 15:00
  • Ticket Price:
  • Venue:
    戲舞大樓 曼菲劇場
    Theatre and Dance Building Dance Studio Theater







編舞家|三東瑠璃 Ruri Mito
三東瑠璃1982年出生於東京,5歲開始在東京現代芭蕾舞學院學習舞蹈。她在日本女子學校學習舞蹈體育學院運動科學系舞蹈研究專業碩士(2000-2004)。她曾與戴米安·亞勒 (Damien Jalet) ,莎夏·亞茲(Sasha Waltz),維姆·凡德凱布斯(Wim Vandekeybus)等編舞家合作學習。


‘Matou’ has direct meanings like “to wear, put on, tangle, roll up,” and it is often used figuratively. I put on my body. I can not see all of my body for a lifetime.

Tissues make up my body are kept being renewed, and they will vanish someday. The body without contents will not remain, and where the contents without the body go? Will they keep remaining?

‘Matou’ also sounds like “willing to wait” in Japanese. ‘Tsuki-matou’ means “to haunt.” It always haunts me and never goes. My body haunts me until the day I die. ‘Sou-matou’ is a revolving lantern which has a horse drawn on the cover and when it spins the shadow of horse looks like it’s running. It is often used in an expression to describe a moment when people have a brush with death--many visions appear in one’s mind and past memories come and go randomly and quickly.

‘Mattou’ means “to complete.” I completed my life.

Group Introduction │

Ruri Mito - Dancer & Choreographer
Ruri Mito was born in Tokyo in 1982. She started studying dance at 5 years old at The Modern Ballet Institute, Tokyo. Later she studied dance at the Japan Women's College of Physical Education, Department of Movement Science Dance Studies Major MA(2000-2004). She is now actively performing in many countries and has won many prizes. She has also worked with choreographers such as Damien Jalet, Wim Vandekeybus, Sasha Waltz, and so on.


Choreography & Dancer – Ruri Mito
Light design – Akiyo Kushida
Costume design – Tomoko Inamura
Music – Yuta Kumachi
Tour manager – Lena Hashimoto